At AYAZI AUTO PARTS we offer to buy and sell car parts online with quality and cheap second hand spare parts and accessories of MITSUBISHI. The parts we sell have been manufactured by MITSUBISHI rather than any other generic car part manufacturers. Our parts are genuine and we guarantee that the parts we sell correspond to the manufacturer intended.

Our MITSUBISHI cheap second hand spare parts are:

Interior car parts:

We sell a range of cheap second-hand spare parts of MITSUBISHI car and these parts consist of seats, steering, gear stick, dashboard, hand break, knobs, floor mats radio/tab and audio system. There are many other interior MITSUBISHI parts that we can provide for our customers.

Engine & Parts of Engine

We buy and sell different MITSUBISHI car parts and engines online in good condition that work perfectly. There are a variety of engine parts that we sell which include: timing belt, AC (Air Condition System), water pumps, fans, steering system, radiator support, cooling system and etc.


In our store, we have plenty of MITSUBISHI vehicle transmission. The transmission we sell are fit and perfectly drive. Prior to selling, they have been tested by professional staff members to ensure they are in a good working condition. We also provide both automatic and manual gearboxes.

Exterior car parts:

AYAZI AUTO PARTS also offer to buy and sell facilities online of a wide variety of body parts of vehicles that are not damaged. In our stock, we keep parts ranging from different make and model including different colours. We can provide exterior parts of the preferred colours that our customers are after. The exterior parts we sell range from bonnet, guards, front bumper, headlight, front doors, rear doors, rear bumper, tailgate, and many more.

In vehicle entertainment:

You can find many entertainment systems with us. These include: radios, speakers, audio players and many more.

Tyres and Mag-wheels:

AYAZI AUTO PARTS also have tyres, Mag-wheels of different size, quality and shape in stock.